The main aim of FaFraKa cosmetics laboratory has been to create very effective products with innovative formulations incorporating quality primary materials.
For this reason the company decided to use an internationally-recognized regulatory body, Ecocert Greenlife, to certify its products. As the first entity to draw up a key protocol for ecological and organic cosmetics and the sole institution to work in conjunction with a government body (the French Ministry of Industry), it is also involved in the monitoring of these products.
In addition to its stipulation for organically certified primary materials and monitoring the entire supply chain, Ecocert also includes guidelines on the materials used in primary and secondary packaging and on environmental impact, from energy consumption to the generation of refuse

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To obtain Ecocert Greenlife organic certification a product must contain:
  • at least 95% of the total ingredients of natural origin
  • at least 10% of all ingredients from organic farming

  • The certification must be shown on the packaging together with the percentages, therefore providing a very effective guarantee for the consumer with regards to its correct production procedure.
    FaFraKa cosmetics are formulated with maximum attention for the most innovative primary materials: preservatives are edible and used in the minimum quantities necessary. The emulsifiers derive from sugar cane.

    We avoid the use of:
  • alcohol
  • phenoxyethanol
  • parabens
  • PEG, PPG
  • BHT
  • silicons
  • mineral oils
  • primary materials of animal origin
  • artificial fragrances and any kind of other artificial products

  • No FaFraKa product has ever been tested on animals.

    All primary packaging uses recyclable materials, glass and aluminum, with the use of polythene reduced to a minimum. The secondary packaging and all the printed material uses FSC certification ecological paper, deriving from scheduled reforestation.