The laboratory is located in the Old Town of Faetano, a castle in the Republic of San Marino.

How to get here

We are usually happy to receive visitors interested in our products
on Mondays and Fridays, from 9.30am to midday.
However we strongly recommend providing us with advance notice by text, phone or mail.
Unfortunately the Republic lacks a comprehensive public transport system.

The most scenic and also the fastest route is towards Rimini Sud and Riccione: the "Marano road" intersecting with Rimini province's 'Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori' (Wines and Taste Route - see map), an unmissable chance to combine beauty and flavour.

FaFraKa - Laboratorio Cosmetico
Strada della Croce, 55
47896 Faetano – RSM

COE SM21018
Riconoscim. giuridico del 18/01/2007
N° iscr. Reg. soc. 4567

Tel. 0549996183
Fax 0549996598

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